Democratizing ownership of the future’s most critical resource

Our mission is to drive innovation, transparency, and security as the premier global platform for uranium pricing and access. We are committed to simplifying and democratizing ownership of what we believe to be the world’s most critical resource for a clean energy future - uranium.

Join the nuclear energy revolution - buy the world’s first token backed by physical uranium.


The world’s first Uranium-backed token

$U, a digital token backed by physical uranium, grants unprecedented access to direct ownership of uranium, an increasingly valuable energy resource in a net zero-carbon future.



Our purpose is to remove barriers to the traditionally opaque and inefficient uranium market, while increasing accessibility to one of the world’s most critical commodities.


The revolution of $U


No fees

Conventional methods for gaining price exposure to physical uranium contain significant management fees and various additional logistical costs, such as transportation and storage.


On-chain authenticity

By bringing authenticated uranium supplies on-chain, Uranium3o8 creates a new standard in accuracy and transparency to this vital resource.



The $U token enables portfolio diversity by providing direct access to one of the most increasingly valuable commodities, while keeping your assets on-chain.

Market dynamics

The uranium market has been experiencing a supply and demand imbalance for several years. On the demand side, nuclear power plants around the world require uranium as a fuel source.

According to S&P Global, on the supply side, “The current primary uranium supply, including all the restarts is insufficient to meet consumption not only today but into the future. There is an annual average deficit of some 40 million pounds per annum out for the next decade.”

As countries commit to reducing their carbon emissions and look for low-carbon sources of electricity, demand for nuclear power is expected to increase in the coming years. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expects that nuclear power demand will double by 2050.

Token structure

Each Uranium3o8 token is redeemable for one-pound of third-party-verified uranium, with the aim to foster a liquid market. This is made possible through a forward sales agreement signed with the publicly-traded and fully compliant Canadian mining company Madison Metals, which has contributed 20 million pounds of uranium to the project via a forward-sales contract.

The initial token supply consists of 20 million tokens, representing the contract for 20 million pounds. More supply is available pending market demand. Because each token is representative of a direct claim on uranium from a credentialed and strategically located mine in Namibia: