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Uranium3o8 is bringing you the future of uranium markets, today. Through innovative solutions, we make navigating the global uranium market seamless and straightforward. Access the energy of the future with the $U token.

Resource Team


Madison Metals is a publicly listed upstream mining and exploration company focused on sustainable uranium exploration and production. Using cutting-edge technologies and modern strategies, Madison Metals is positioned to move advanced assets to market quickly. With over 50 years of mining experience and with 22 of those years in Namibia, Duane Parnham (founder Forsys Metals) and Dr. Roger Laine (formally Areva) have proven geological and financial expertise specifically developing uranium projects within the region.

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Token Team

The Uranium3o8 team is an international and interdisciplinary group that came together to bring this token to life. The engineering and product teams bring together academic experts as well as business and engineering expertise from TradFi, DeFi and FAANG backgrounds.

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